Our daughter was recently admitted to the college of her dreams! Actually, it’s a college that wasn’t even on our radar a year ago, and we owe a world of thanks to Abbie Rabin for helping her find the way.

Abbie is an extraordinary college consultant who is as intuitive as she is brilliant. She is a supportive resource for information, tempered with compassion and humor, about the arduous college search and application process. Her demeanor is warm and reassuring, which immediately inspired a sense of comfort and trust that our daughter would find the right fit.

Abbie demonstrated a remarkable ability to get to know our daughter well within a short period of time. In Rebecca, Abbie saw more than test scores, GPA and class ranking, and a zealous list of activities and interests. She accurately appraised Rebecca’s capacities and limitations, and helped to leverage her unique talents and personality traits that we know and cherish as her parents of 17 years and that would distinguish her among other college applicants.

Abbie met with our family and then worked independently with Rebecca, which empowered her to take ownership of the process. She used a variety of assessment tools that helped identify and direct Rebecca’s personal strengths, academic and extracurricular interests, collegiate and career aspirations, and even geographic preferences, into a solid, realistic list of colleges.

Together, they met in person, by phone, and by Skype depending on our individual needs. Abbie’s empathy for an overscheduled senior year and her flexibility in scheduling were definite assets that ensured we stayed on track and met all application deadlines.

Abbie provided immeasurable support and her expert guidance from our very first information session through the application and decision process, through the dreaded denials, and even through registration for prospective freshman classes. Her professional coaching, gentle encouragement, and keen editorial skills helped Rebecca to compose a provocative common app essay that was both meaningful and entertaining, and reflective of Rebecca’s character – her vision, her voice, her essay.

So often during the application and decision process, we wanted Abbie in her infinite wisdom and experience to tell us what to do. But she invariably resisted, and allowed Rebecca to come to decisions on her own. This was so essential to Rebecca’s sense of accomplishment.

So it is with tremendous gratitude and faith in her professional services that we highly recommend Abbie Rabin to assist your family in your college search and application process.

— Elon University