International students

I have worked with students and their families from Austria, China, Israel, and the United Kingdom.   Whatever their country of origin, international students face additional challenges and requirements in the American college admissions process, and we navigate them together.

All students, whether domestic or international, should strive to matriculate at a college or university that will foster their intellectual and personal growth.  Location, size, academic offerings, the student body, and campus environment, among other things, all influence whether an institution is a strong fit for a particular student.  

But international students must consider additional factors as well.  Frequently, English is not their first language, the United States is far from home, and the general admissions requirements in the US differ from those of their native country.  An understanding of the unique admissions requirements for international students is critical. 

It is important for international students to determine how a campus will meet their needs.  I encourage them to ask questions and listen to the answers given by the Office of Admission, Deans of Students, other international students, and faculty.