Grades 9 and/or 10

Foundation for Confidence 

Be a high school student now … and be prepared for later

Two meetings per year, one per semester.  A grade-appropriate, non-pressured introduction to the college process and what you can do right now.  We review high school course selection, activities, study habits, and seeking help when needed.  Discuss any questions or concerns that may arise. Designed to reassure student and family that they are on the right track.

Grades 11 and 12

Comprehensive Package 

As we navigate the college process together, the student develops the self-confidence that comes with managing many tasks in an organized and logical way

The comprehensive package guides and supports the student through the stages of the college process.  This includes:

  • Providing an overview of the college admissions process, what colleges are looking for, current trends, and the importance of self-assessment and research
  • Developing timetables for taking standardized tests, visiting colleges, interviewing, and submitting applications
  • Advising on course selection, extracurricular activities, standardized test taking and tutors
  • Reviewing thoroughly the student’s academic and test records, activities, and interests to develop a list of “good fit” colleges
  • Helping the student to understand and appreciate their individual strengths, interests, learning style attributes, academic and career goals, and preferences for types of college environments
  • With a deeper understanding of their strengths, personality, interests, and accomplishments, the student has the tools with which to evaluate colleges and environments that match their profile
  • Develop the college list with colleges that match the student’s interests and profile, classified by admissibility; together with student and parents, revise the list over time
  • Provide guidance for meaningful campus visits and prepare the student for effective interviews
  • Help clarify financial aid and merit scholarship opportunities
  • Recommend a strategic approach to applying, including use of binding and non-binding admission plans (ED 1, ED 2, EA, Rolling and Regular) and the timing, to maximize options
  • Help the student develop application materials that are authentic, comprehensive and targeted, including developing resumes and brainstorming topics for the personal statement and other important written responses
  • Assist with completion of applications and adherence to deadlines

Writing The Personal Statement

The personal statement gives students the opportunity to reveal the person behind the transcript.  With many colleges going test-optional, this essay has assumed even greater significance in admissions decisions.  It often seems daunting to students — and parents, too!

This need not be the case.  I simplify the college essay process and help students develop honest and outstanding essays.  As a participant in Wow Writing Workshop’s Partners program, I am certified in the Wow Method, and am authorized to use Wow’s online essay-writing process with my clients. I have completed an intensive training program, and am committed to ongoing professional development, guided by Wow Writing Workshop’s professional writers and teachers. Wow Partners understand the essay coaching process inside and out; we are confident in our skills and are prepared to guide all types of students.

Using this proven ten-step process, I help the student own their true voice, understand the prompt, brainstorm topics, define the theme, revise with purpose, and complete a final proofread.  The student and I agree to an individualized schedule that enables them to meet their writing deadlines with minimal stress.  Start to finish, the personal statement takes about three to four weeks.

Writing the Supplementary Essays

The school-specific supplementary essays frequently serve to single out the candidates who understand and express how they and the college/program are a good fit.  These essays are usually shorter than the personal statement but play an important role in the admissions process.   The skills I employ in coaching students for their personal statements work equally well in helping them identify their most effective message within the word limits.

Writing Activities List

The list of activities is more than a list: it’s a prime opportunity to connect the students’ stated interests to their actions and accomplishments and also to reveal what their values are, all in 150 characters.  Students learn the skill of drilling down to the essence of what they are aiming to say.

Additional Services

Hourly Guidance

You may prefer assistance and consultation with a particular aspect of the college process, on a limited basis.  This option is offered in blocks of 5-10 hours.

Transfer Students

Considering a transfer?

Perhaps you arrived at your college of choice and discovered new interests that the school’s curriculum cannot satisfy; or your social life is not what you’d hoped it would be; maybe the college you entered as a freshman turned out to be just too far from city life or from home.

Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to explore the option of transferring to another college.  This time, however, you want to be sure that you are making a sound decision and that you are transferring into a college that is truly a great fit for you.

If these possibilities sound familiar, let’s explore your options together and arrive at a list of realistic colleges where you may find your true place.

We’ll begin with a thorough evaluation of:

  • your college transcript and grades
  • your high school record and standardized test scores
  • your interests
  • the essential qualities that you are seeking in a college or university
  • what you like about the college you attend and what the drawbacks there may be

Together, we’ll draw up a list of colleges and universities for you to research and, whenever possible, to visit.  One of the most important considerations to investigate at each school will be: how easily will your original college credits transfer into the new college?  Will the course work at your college of origin satisfy basic requirements at the new college as well?

We’ll refine the list as we target the best-fit colleges at which you have a reasonable chance of being admitted.  Please remember throughout this process: there are no guaranteed admissions!  Every college has its own set of guidelines for admitting transfer students and for accepting credits from other colleges.

From this point on, we’ll establish a timeline for you to complete your applications and essays and manage all the requisite forms and requirements.  As the admissions decisions arrive, we’ll review your options.  As an applicant who is thoroughly familiar with the schools to which you’ve applied, you will have a great understanding of your choices and the strengths of each school, including the one in which you are still enrolled.  Armed with this deep understanding, you will be able to make the very best choice possible.

Should you ultimately decide that your current college is the best fit after all, you’ll know that you’ve made a sound decision with a strong basis.

International Students

I have worked with students and their families from Austria, China, Israel, and the United Kingdom.   Whatever their country of origin, international students face additional challenges and requirements in the American college admissions process, and we navigate them together.

All students, whether domestic or international, should strive to matriculate at a college or university that will foster their intellectual and personal growth.  Location, size, academic offerings, the student body, and campus environment, among other things, all influence whether an institution is a strong fit for a particular student.

But international students must consider additional factors as well.  Frequently, English is not their first language, the United States is far from home, and the general admissions requirements in the US differ from those of their native country.  An understanding of the unique admissions requirements for international students is critical.

It is important for international students to determine how a campus will meet their needs.  I encourage them to ask questions and listen to the answers given by the Office of Admission, Deans of Students, other international students, and faculty.

Abbie’s help with my applications and her guidance throughout the whole process, were essential to making this 12th grade better than I could ever have anticipated. Her comments were always so insightful and constructive. And she helped to keep me organized and on time.

University of Delaware

Stevens has offered my son a very generous scholarship and we are very happy.  Thank you, Abbie,  for your diligence in coaching and helping him. While it was hard for me to be so far away from him here in China, I appreciate the challenge you must have faced dealing with the different value system that my son brought to the table, but you never let up. Once again, thanks for your great support and patience and expertise.

Stevens Institute

When it comes to thanking you, I really can’t say enough. It’s been a stressful few months, but it would have been so much worse if not for your help, guidance, and constant support. And I’m excited to be going to Princeton!


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