Transfer Students

Considering a transfer? 

Perhaps you arrived at your college of choice and discovered new interests that the school’s curriculum cannot satisfy; or your social life is not what you’d hoped it would be; maybe the college you entered as a freshman turned out to be just too far from city life or from home. 

Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to explore the option of transferring to another college.  This time, however, you want to be sure that you are making a sound decision and that you are transferring into a college that is truly a great fit for you.  

If these possibilities sound familiar, let’s explore your options together and arrive at a list of realistic colleges where you may find your true place. 

We’ll begin with a thorough evaluation of:

  • your college transcript and grades
  • your high school record and standardized test scores
  • your interests
  • the essential qualities that you are seeking in a college or university
  • what you like about the college you attend and what the drawbacks there may be 

Together, we’ll draw up a list of colleges and universities for you to research and, whenever possible, to visit.  One of the most important considerations to investigate at each school will be: how easily will your original college credits transfer into the new college?  Will the course work at your college of origin satisfy basic requirements at the new college as well?  

We’ll refine the list as we target the best-fit colleges at which you have a reasonable chance of being admitted.  Please remember throughout this process: there are no guaranteed admissions!  Every college has its own set of guidelines for admitting transfer students and for accepting credits from other colleges. 

From this point on, we’ll establish a timeline for you to complete your applications and essays and manage all the requisite forms and requirements.  As the admissions decisions arrive, we’ll review your options.  As an applicant who is thoroughly familiar with the schools to which you’ve applied, you will have a great understanding of your choices and the strengths of each school, including the one in which you are still enrolled.  Armed with this deep understanding, you will be able to make the very best choice possible. 

Should you ultimately decide that your current college is the best fit after all, you’ll know that you’ve made a sound decision with a strong basis.