Navigating the college process requires executive and time-management skills.  At a time that can be stressful and anxiety provoking for the family, I help ease the way and reduce tension.  As we work together with a sense of purpose and a sense of humor, we  manage these tasks in an organized and logical way: 

  • Understanding the college admissions process, what colleges are looking for, current trends, and the importance of research
  • Reviewing thoroughly the student’s academic and test records, activities and interests to develop a list of “good fit” colleges
  • Self assessment: helping the student to understand and appreciate his individual strengths, interests, learning style attributes, academic and career goals and preferences for types of college environments
  • Building a list of colleges
  • Scheduling visits to colleges on the list and evaluating how each college fits the student
  • Preparing for effective college interviews
  • SAT or ACT?  Choosing and scheduling standardized tests
  • Preparing for standardized tests
  • Preparing resumé
  • Writing the applications and supplemental applications
  • Brainstorming, writing, and editing the personal statement
  • Selecting high school classes
  • Choosing co-curricular activities
  • Recommend a strategic approach to applying, including use of binding and non binding admission plans (ED 1, ED 2, EA, Rolling and Regular) and the timing, to maximize options
  • Choosing teachers who will write recommendations
  • Getting everything done on time: no emergencies! 

It may sound daunting, but with proper organization, it is truly manageable.  In fact, your student can get all this done and still enjoy school, friendships, and life! 

While Abbie guides the student in preparing all parts of the college applications, every application is exclusively the work of the student.  Abbie never writes for the student.

If you are interested in working with Abbie, please contact her by phone at 201.399.4802 or visit her contact web form here.